MWH Prop Kit


This all in one prop kit includes everything you need to add that extra intensity to your MWH workouts. Included in the reusable bag (perfect for throwing inside a larger bag, using on its own on the go, for toiletries, or to just keep your props in!) are: (1) "the faux leather jacket" of ankle weights, which are 1lb each per Melissa's recommendation (2) the perfect sized and slightly deflated Pilates ball for maximum effect (3) the ideal width and tension band...the go-to tool for those burner flows.

  • MWH Reusable Bag
  • MWH Ball
  • MWH Band
  • MWH 1lb Weights  

P.S Please note that the MWH Ball should arrive slightly deflated for best use. We recommend regularly checking and deflating or inflating the ball based on personal preference for maximum impact during the MWH flows.

CAUTION: Please keep products out of reach of children and away from open sparks or fire. To avoid any possible discoloration, store in a dark and dry place.